UNQUOTE is born out of passion for expressing ourselves unapologetically. We are a homegrown brand from Bangalore, creating designs that speak our mind and curating books that are worth reading. We derive our inspiration from things we love and stuff that matter!


We all love wearing T-shirts with quotes, don’t we? We designed a few, got ‘em printed from local vendors, and started wearing to office/outside and some of our friends appreciated it and ordered a few from us. This encouraged us to pursue our passion and showcase our designs to the world.

One thing led to another and we soon ventured from wardrobe to home decor with our first offering as Wall Arts.


UNQUOTE is the labor of love with carefully curated designs. We want to print our imagination and emotions on the canvas of T-shirts and Wall Arts that you’ll love.

We also realise that every person has a different taste in design, there is always that one quote that you would like to wear or that one perfect image that you would like to see hanging on your wall. We have you covered there with our Personalised Art section where you can get practically anything printed and designed.

All our products are what today we all like ‘em to be - handpicked, comfortable, premium quality and sustainable.

If you are still reading this then we must say that you are genuinely interested in knowing about UNQUOTE :)
In that case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to follow us on instagram @unquoteofficial, to stay in touch and be informed about what more we are up to.